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3 Year Old and 4 Year Old Class Placement

Class placement based on student age as of August 31, 2021

Here is a little information to help you and your dancer have a happy and successful year!

- Be on time. We ask that you arrive approximately 5 minutes before class is scheduled to begin. Do not arrive too early. It is much easier for kids to separate from their parents at the same time as the other kids. When “the whole class” is looking at you, due to arriving late, it is much more difficult. If you are late, wait for the end of an exercise to enter, then we can better help the process. The first few months can be scary for little ones, please arrive on time. 

- Potty right before class! Once one dancer goes during class, they all go! Then they have to re-separate from parents. Frequently they do not need to go, but just want to see their parents. Go right before class and tell them that they shouldn’t need to go. We do let them go when they ask, but usually make them wait their turn, as usually only the first one to ask actually needs to go! 

- Get tap ties. We can change shoes much faster if the kids can put them on themselves. Less down time leaves less time for them to get bored, or miss their parents. 

- Don’t tie pretty little bows on ballet shoes. Adjust the drawstrings to your dancer’s comfort and tie them in a knot. Then cut off the extra length leaving about 2 inches of growing room. This should be tucked into your dancer’s shoe so that it sits on top of their foot. “Big kid dancers” do not tie bows on their ballet shoes. They come untied easily and cause tripping. 

Proper Dance Attire For Introductory Students: 

- Solid color leotard (preferably black) and pink tights.
- No attached skirts.
- Pink leather ballet shoes and black tap shoes with tap ties.
- Tap shoes should be brought into class in bags labeled with names. 

- Hair pulled out of face. 

Proper dance attire is important so that our instructors can properly train their students, and is an important part of the discipline instilled in a young dancer. 

Thank you for trusting us to jumpstart your dancer’s love of dance. Please let us know of any questions or concerns you may have so that this will be the best experience possible for you and your dancer!

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