- 1st Overall: Coppelia Pas de Deux

- 1st Overall: Day-O

- 1st Overall: Fabulous

- 1st Overall: Shoeless Joe

- 1st Overall: Sock Song

- 1st Overall: Tango

- 1st Overall: Time to Grow

- 2nd Overall: Better Together

- 2nd Overall: Jet Set

- 2nd Overall: Look Out

- 2nd Overall: Orange Colored Sky

- 2nd Overall: Pyre

- 2nd Overall: True Colors

- 3rd Overall: Escalate

- 3rd Overall: Keenan Kiefer

- 3rd Overall: Rachel Ernat

- 3rd Overall: Sugar Pie Honey Bunch

- 3rd Overall: Survive

- 3rd Overall: Torment

- 4th Overall: Body Language

- 4th Overall: Caitlin Hammack

- 4th Overall: Kiss from a Rose

- 4th Overall: L-O-V-E

- 4th Overall: Who am I

- 5th Overall: Makynlie Sturgis

- 5th Overall: Symphony of the Animals

- 6th Overall: When I Look at You

- 7th Overall: Daydream in Blue

- 7th Overall: Hey, Pachuco!

- 8th Overall: Caroline Froehlich

- 8th Overall: Respect

- 9th Overall: Camryn Richardson

- 9th Overall: Faith

- 10th Overall: Another One Bites the Dust

- 10th Overall: Sixteen Tons

- 1st in Streetz Stars Ballet Group: L-O-V-E

- 1st in Streetz Stars Jazz Solo: Makynlie Sturgis

- 1st in Streetz Stars Jazz Group: Sugar Pie Honey Bunch

- 1st in Streetz Stars Jazz Line: Sock Song

- 1st in Streetz Stars Lyrical Duo/Trio: True Colors

- 2nd in Streetz Stars Lyrical Group: When I Look at You

- 3rd in Streetz Stars Jazz Solo: Caroline Froehlich

- 3rd in Streetz Stars Jazz Group: Faith

- 1st in Mini Ballet Solo: Tatum Kulwicki

- 1st in Mini Ballet Group: Hoedown

- 1st in Mini Contemporary Duo/Trio: Better Together

- 1st in Mini Jazz Line: Fabulous

- 1st in Mini Tap Duo/Trio: Hey, Pachuco!

- 1st in Mini Tap Group: Can’t Stop the Feelin’

- 2nd in Mini Ballet Solo: Gabi Casarez

- 2nd in Mini Contemporary Group: Who am I

- 2nd in Mini Musical Theater Solo: Maegan Kilman

- 3rd in Mini Tap Group: Mr. Sandman

- 1st in Junior Ballet Solo: Keenan Kiefer

- 1st in Junior Ballet Duo/Trio: Coppelia Pas de Deux

- 1st in Junior Ballet Group: Kiss from a Rose

- 1st in Junior Contemporary Group: Day-O

- 1st in Junior Contemporary Extended Line: Survive

- 1st in Junior Hip Hop Line: Escalate

- 1st in Junior Jazz Duo/Trio: Orange Colored Sky

- 1st in Junior Musical Theater Group: Symphony of the Animals

- 1st in Junior Musical Theater Extended Line: Jet Set

- 1st in Junior Tap Group: Sixteen Tons

- 2nd in Junior Ballet Solo: Haley Haas

- 2nd In Junior Contemporary Solo: Keenan Kiefer

- 3rd in Junior Contemporary Solo: Caitlin Hammack

- 3rd in Junior Jazz Solo: Catelyn Laney

- 3rd in Junior Jazz Line: Wipe Out

- 3rd in Junior Lyrical Group: Pieces

- 1st in Teen Ballet Solo: Emma Sides

- 1st in Teen Ballet Line: Tango

- 1st in Teen Contemporary Line: Pyre

- 1st in Teen Jazz Group: Body Language

- 1st in Teen Musical Theater Extended Line: Shoeless Joe

- 1st in Teen Tap Solo: Delaney Vasquez

- 1st in Teen Tap Group: Daddy Lessons

- 2nd in Teen Ballet Solo: Bella Gabriano

- 2nd in Teen Contemporary Duo/Trio: Torment

- 2nd in Teen Lyrical Solo: Bella Gabriano

- 2nd in Teen Musical Theater Solo: Natalie Smith

- 3rd in Teen Jazz Solo: Emily McLaughlin

- 3rd in Teen Jazz Group: Tied Up

- 3rd in Teen Tap Duo/Trio: Daydream in Blue

- 1st in Senior Contemporary Group: Time to Grow

- 2nd in Senior Contemporary Duo/Trio: Look Out

- 2nd in Senior Jazz Solo: Cate Parker

- 3rd in Senior Contemporary Solo: Rachel Ernat

- 3rd in Senior Jazz Solo: Camryn Richardson

- 3rd in Senior Lyrical Solo: Jacey Harvey

- Best of The Streetz: Escalate, Keenan Kiefer and Shoeless Joe

- Mini Streetz Elite Runners-Up: Gabi Casarez, Eliza Greenberg, Maegan Kilman, Tatum Kulwicki and Mylee Rice

- Junior Streetz Elite Runner-Up: Catelyn Laney

- Junior Streetz Elite Winner: Keenan Kiefer

- Senior Streetz Elite Runner-Up: Rachel Ernat

- Contemporary/Jazz Scholarship: Keenan Kiefer

- Hip Hop Scholarship: Gabi Casarez

- Studio Scholarship: Ava Bassak

- Best of San Marcos: Shoeless Joe

- 12 and Under Battle Finalists: Caitlin Hammack and Keenan Kiefer

- 13 to 19 Battle Finalist: Delaney Vasquez

Marielle Standridge

THE STREETZ 2018-2019

Senior Dancer of the Year

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