PARENT/LEGAL GUARDIAN RESPONSIBILITY: Please be aware it is the responsibility of parents/guardians to read and follow all policies and procedures. In addition, it is your responsibility to take note of scheduled activities, holiday/studio closings, rehearsal and recital dates & times, extra practices, etc. Please, check our studio bulletin boards and web page often for updated information. It is also the responsibility of the parent/guardian to notify ELEVATE DANCE CENTER of any address, phone numbers or e-mail updates. If you are not receiving e-mails periodically, please contact our office.

TUITION: Tuition is due on the 1st of each month.

Full monthly tuition is due regardless of holidays or absences.

A $25 late fee will be assessed at midnight on the 10th of the month in which payment has not been received. Statements will not be e-mailed until an account is past due. Tuition is based on a semester system, and is divided into monthly payments for your convenience. For this reason, no adjustment is made for “short” or “long” months. A $5/month sibling discount is available for each additional sibling.

If you wish to withdraw a student from a class, please notify us via email only. This will ensure that you are not charged for a class that your dancer is no longer attending.



TRIAL CLASSES: Students may try dance classes before registering. There is no fee for trial classes.


WITHDRAWALS: Tuition payment is expected until the studio is officially notified by the parent/guardian that a student has withdrawn. Parent/Legal Guardian is responsible for notifying the front desk if their child is switching or withdrawing from class(s).


RETURNED CHECKS: All returned checks receive a $35 charge to cover bank fees and processing

REGISTRATION FEE: An annual non-refundable registration fee of $40 is required from each dancer at the beginning of their dance year. A $10 family discount is available for each additional family member.


DECLINED CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS: Any declined credit or debit cards transactions will incur a $10 charge to cover bank fees and processing. If a card is lost or stolen, please contact us immediately to replace the card on file.


WITHDRAWALS/TRANSFERS: Tuition payment is expected and will be charged automatically until the studio is officially notified in writing, via email by the parent/guardian that a student needs to be withdrawn or requesting a class transfer. 

RECITAL FEE: An annual recital fee of $60/dancer is due on October 1st for our annual holiday show and March 1st for spring recital. Each dancer performing in a show must pay this non-refundable fee. 


HOLIDAY PERFORMANCE: Each year we have a Holiday performance in early December. Holiday costume fees are due and collected in October. Holiday Costume Fee is $40 per dancer per class. 

RECITAL COSTUMES: Spring Recital costumes are ordered over the Holiday break. Costumes must be paid for by the studio in advance, and once ordered they can not be canceled or returned. Costumes usually range in price from $45 - $65 depending on the style selected and size of the dancer. Sizes are selected based upon measurements taken during class in November. “Two fingers” of growing room is allowed for all growing children. A $35 Spring Recital costume deposit is required for each performing class a dancer will participate in by November 1st. The balance of the costume is due when classes resume in January. Costume sizes are selected from measurement charts specific to each costume company. Recital costumes are not custom, they are sized to fit the average person of that girth. We usually “error” on the large side, as costumes are easier to take up than let out. We make every effort to give each dancer the best fit possible with standard size costumes, but most dancers should expect to need some alterations. Any costumes not picked up by the start of the following fall semester become property of Elevate Dance Center.


HOLIDAYS AND CLOSINGS: Elevate Dance Center will close for Labor Day, Sept. 2nd; Thanksgiving, Nov. 25th – 29th; Christmas and New Year, Dec. 22nd – Jan 5th; Spring Break, March 9th – 15th; and Memorial Day, May 25th. In the event of bad weather, call the studio to check for closings. Studio social media accounts will also be regularly updated. Missed classes due to inclement weather may be made up as covered above under absences and make-up classes.


PLACEMENT: Students will be placed in classes which are most appropriate for their age (as of August 31st , 2019) and ability. It is important that students do not advance too rapidly, missing important training along the way. Placement will be decided by class instructors. Dancers must be evaluated in order to be eligible for a level 3 class.


DRESS CODE: Proper dance attire is important so that our instructors can properly train their students, and is an important part of the discipline instilled in a young dancer. Proper attire and shoes are required for each class. Hair should be pulled back out of your face for all classes. Cover ups should be worn whenever not in the studio. 


*Introductory students: Solid black leotard and tights. No attached skirts. Pink leather ballet shoes and black tap shoes with tap ties. Tap shoes should be brought into class in bags labeled with names. Hair must be pulled out of face. 

- *Ballet/Pointe: Girls: Black leotard and pink tights for all lower levels. Senior dancers may wear any solid color leotard and pink or black convertible tights. Fitted knit “warmers” are acceptable. No skirts. Hair should be secured tightly in a clean high or low bun, no pony tails. Pink ballet shoes. Split soles are preferred. Canvas shoes may be worn in class, but leather is required for performances. Pointe shoes are selected on an individual basis with instructor approval.

Boys: Black tights or fitted jogger/sweatpants, plain white T-shirt, black or white ballet shoes, and a dance belt.

- *Tap/Jazz/Lyrical or Contemporary: Fitted dance clothing, jazz pants and bike shorts are acceptable, also fitted camisole tops. Be sure that clothing is properly sized. Pants which are too large can be unsafe and over-sized shirts make it difficult for instructors to correct body placement. 

- *Shoes: Tap - Capezio CG09 is preferred for older dancers. Jazz - Black leather or canvas shoes are acceptable, either “laceable” or the pull on “gore” boot. Lyrical or Contemporary - Same as jazz for class, but will probably need the tan “gore” boot for performances or foot thongs depending on costumes.

- *Hip Hop: Comfortable clothing. Remember that Hip Hop usually involves floor work, so long pants should be worn to help comfort your knees and to prevent skin rubbing on the floor. Jazz or clean tennis shoes are acceptable, but shoes should not leave scuff marks or debris (such as mud or dirt). Please refrain from black soled sneakers.


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