- 1st Overall: Better Together

- 1st Overall: Marielle Standridge

- 1st Overall: Orange Colored Sky

- 1st Overall: Shoeless Joe

- 1st Overall: Subconscious Manipulation

- 2nd Overall: Keenan Kiefer

- 4th Overall: Gabby Ponthier

- 4th Overall: Time to Grow

- 5th Overall: Delaney Vasquez

- 1st in Intermediate Ballet Solo: Keenan Kiefer

- 1st in Teen Ballet Solo: Emma Sides

- 1st in Teen Tap Solo: Delaney Vasquez

- 1st in Senior Contemporary Solo: Marielle Standridge

- 2nd in Intermediate Jazz Solo: Gabby Hamill

- 2nd in Senior Contemporary Small Group: Time to Grow

- Choreography Award: Time to Grow (Chelsea Thedinga)

- Junior Finalist: Mylee Rice

- Intermediate Finalists: Rhiva Fortuna, Gabby Hamill, Keenan Kiefer and Catelyn Laney

- Senior Finalists: Gabby Ponthier and Marielle Standridge 

- Ballet Scholarship: Gabby Ponthier

- Team Hollywood Scholarship: Keenan Kiefer and Marielle Standridge 

- LA Agency Invite: Keenan Kiefer, Gabby Ponthier and Mylee Rice

- Intermediate Male Dancer of the Year: Keenan Kiefer

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