The exquisite grace of Ballet
Ballet is the foundation of all dance. It is characterized by grace, precision of movement and flexibility. In EDC ballet classes, students learn proper body alignment, turn-out, and technique.​

​The powerful expression of Jazz
Jazz incorporates strong conditioning, high kicks, and a variety of leaps, turns and movement combinations. It is a smooth modern style often used in Broadway shows and stage performances. The movements are big and expressive.

​The never-ending passion of Lyrical & Contemporary
Lyrical fuses the best of ballet and jazz into a powerful and expressive dance form. Dancers interpret music and express deep emotions through this technical and beautiful style.​

​The perfect precision of Tap
Tap uses a dancers feet as percussion instruments creating an energetic, rhythmic dance performance. It teaches dancers precise timing, rhythm and control.​

​The unstoppable attitude of Hip Hop
Hip Hop originated in the streets of NY and LA and is a funky dance style. EDC hip-hop promotes positivity and encourages dancers to try everything from breaking to locking and popping to krumping, while keeping the movement clean and age appropriate. This style is often featured in pop concerts and music videos.