Have you always dreamed of your little girl dancing on stage in a beautiful pink tutu? Does your little one love dancing to music? Are you interested in starting your child in dance and just don't know where to start? Here are some of our answers to some common questions...

Q- When should my child start dance?

A - Our dance classes start at age 2. How early you should start all depends on your child. Your child should be able to pay attention and be OK with being away from their parents for at least 45 minute periods.  Our 2 year old classes
are very basic and fun. As your child gets older, the classes get more complex. Our pre-school program is led by multiple instructors who are experts at working with the tiniest dancers and making class fun! The youngest classes are always showstoppers at the recitals!

For more information on our Intro classes, click here.

Q -  What do I need to start dance classes?

A - Each class has a specific type of dancewear and shoes that are required. Detailed information is outlined within our Policies and Procedures For instance, our 2 year olds, and Intro I or II classes will need to wear a solid color leotard (preferably black), pink ballet tights and pink ballet shoes. They will change into tap shoes during class. Please no skirts, as they are very distracting for young dancers. As they enter kindergarten, black leotards are required. ​

Q - My child is shy, can they still dance?

A - Many professional performers are very shy in real life, but the stage gives them a chance to shine. We believe in a loving, safe environment for our dancers - one that encourages kids to have the confidence to perform successfully on stage. We expect our new dancers to be a little shy when they first start and our teachers are experts at bringing out the best in our kids.

Q - My son is interested in dance - Are there boys at the studio?

A -  We love our boy performers! Some of the world's best dancers have been men. What would the dance world be like without Fred Astaire, Gregory Hines, or Baryshnikov? We make sure our male performers are given gender appropriate instruction and choreography, as well as costumes!

Q - My child is nervous - is that normal?

A - Absolutely! Everyone gets nervous when they try something new!

Q - Where can I get dance shoes?

A - There are several dance stores in the area that specialize in dancewear. In McKinney, try Upstage Dancewear on the McKinney Square. In Plano, try Sandy's Dancewear. Stop by the front desk and we can give you additional options.

Q - How much will it cost?

A - The costs depend on how many classes you are enrolled in. For our youngest dancers, classes start at $50. In addition to tuition, there is a $40 registration fee. Costumes range from $50-70. For additional information on fees, please click here.

Q - I have additional questions...

A - If you have additional questions or are ready to register for class, please get in touch, and we would be glad to assist you!

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